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Why Does Music Inspire Us

Music has been a true companion for a man in the times of distress and various other emotions that can make a feel very low or down, it has been a language that could be understood by anybody even an illiterate person will begin to cry when the tune is on a melancholic scale or note.

There are various reasons for this sometimes it can be because of the inspirational message that is given by the lyrics to the listeners , sometimes it can be the powerful progression of the chord of the entire song , sometimes it can also be because of the power of on single instrument that plays a really inspirational or a powerful note progression or sometimes it could just be the  combination of the instruments that is used in the song

Here are the top reason why music inspires us

  It makes us want to dance:

After a frustrating day outside at the office or a place of business most of the people will love to have a place where they  can vent out their stress , when they listen to an aggressive or a peaceful or a very catchy music they tend to start dancing, as it is a mental progression that usually follows when we hear a beat,  though we may not have the moves we sure will be expressing ourselves and through a random movement that comes to us at the movement .

It tickles our emotional strings and gives us hope :

When a score is played out or a song is heard , as we are listening to it we find ourselves strangely getting connected to it and singing along with and we fell that the song is able to understand us and some the lyrics can have a very profound effect on us that we literally start to cry as soon as we hear the artist sing the song and it creates within us a deeper sense of hope and makes us believe this is still hope for our life .


It pulls us into a world of its own.

It also has the unique ability to take us to a place that is not possible for us to go , a place which helps us find a relief and hope after have gotten through a weary day and makes us to rest and relax and find peace, hope, comfort, joy all of which cannot be found very easily in the world outside. Thus it serves as an antistatic through which they can escape to another world.

Spiritual enlightenment

Music started at first for the purpose of people finding hope and comfort through religious music, and then it slowly came out of the religious places through ministerial outside for the people to listen and find their hope. Then this music start to be made more and more pleasing for the people to enjoy and listen to it this is how the ministry came out and was made accessible to all thus they still hold a measure of spiritual enlightenment in them.

How Does Music Influence One’s Life?

Music is an undeniable entity of our lives that been there for ages. Even though new genres have emerged and some old ones have disappeared gradually, in one way or the other music has managed to play a huge part in our lives. It has always been a great companion during the times we feel low and an element that boots our spirits during the times of celebrations.

It is one of those few things in the world that has adapted to various kinds of situations and acted accordingly. It has been comforting during the times of sorrow. It had elevated our spirits when we were happy. Music is a miracle and undoubtedly a boon to the human race.

There are many studying how music affects the mind of a human. Some questions have no answers, and hence they still remain as questions.

Music has a direct impact on emotions

This fact doesn’t require research. It is very much evident. When we listen to happy songs, we feel happy. The songs that we hear on the sports field and disco makes up want to dance because they are always fast numbers and energetic. Sad songs make us feel low and sad.


The stats from the research

22.2% people spend nearly two hours a day to listen to music. Another 22.2% of people have said that they spend at least five hours a day to listen to music. 18.4% people fall under the category of people who listen to music between two to three hours every day. 16.5% have stated that they spend four hours a day to listen to music. That makes only 11% of the people who listen to music less than one hour a day.

The genres and stats

It is not a huge surprise that 69% of the people listen to pop music. With 55.2% rock and rap are also some of the most sorted out genres. 46.6% of people listen to Indie and alternative music. There is also a huge fan following for country music with 52.3% hearing it on a regular basis.

The other hard-hitting genres like metal, punk, and jazz have 28.7% under its belt. Most of the people do not just stick on to a single genre. They tend to listen to a mix of them.

The artist influence

People give equal importance to the artist as they give to the genre. The music artist generally has a huge influence on their lives. Not just in the form of music, they also have a huge impact on the lifestyle, fashion and so on. The popularity of the artist has grown in a tremendous way with the increase in the use of internet and social media.

Music is something that cannot be explained. It is more of a perspective. The definition of music differs from person to person. The one common thing that it does is go into our heads and play with our emotions. It has no boundaries and has the ability to unite people in unimaginable ways.