“Twentyfive” by George Michael


    Over the span of his 25-year career a few compilations and best hits albums have appeared on the market, but for the very first time, one of those collection includes songs from the WHAM years. As a celebration for his 25 years of making music British pop star George Michael has released a collection of his greatest and favorite songs. The collection comes in a 2 or 3-disc format.

    Each disc contains new or previously unreleased songs and music from the WHAM years.

    Over the years Michael has had more than his share of news in the spotlight including arrests and reports of bad boy behavior. Unfortunately, that news had overshadowed the incredible musical career that began when this only son of a Greek father and English mother was only a teen. Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in England, Michael has seen all six of his solo albums hit number one in the UK. He has amassed six number one singles in the US, six number one albums and eleven number one singles in the UK, sold over 80 million records world wide, his first solo album “Faith” was certified diamond for selling ten million copies and most recently sold out every concert on his 25 live tours. The album “Older” went platinum five times over in the UK while “Ladies and Gentlemen George Michael” went eight times platinum. He has won Grammy, Brit, MTV video, and American Music Awards. Michael has the distinction of being the first white male ever to perform a duet with R B; great Aretha Franklin, “I Knew Your Were Waiting” hit the top of the charts world wide.

    Twenty-five” – Michael’s seventh solo album – comes in a two CD and Three CD set. Both sets include the CD “For Living” and “For Loving.” The three CD set also includes “For the Loyal” for a total of 44 songs.

    For those who view George Michael as just another so so pop singer with no taste or kills has not truly listened to his music. Michael’s talents as a musician and songwriter include some beautiful melodies and harmonies, talents that are equal to musicians who have been classically trained and educated.

    While far from a comprehensive collection of songs that three CD set of “Twentyfive” is like having a private concert with George Michael – and a few friends like Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney – and is a must have for any George Michael fan. The album has already topped the charts in the UK.
    Sherrill Fulghum


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