John Rich – American Music and Determination


    John rich is an American country music star that boasts a wide career in country music. John also happens to be the latest winner of the hit reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” He beat out Marlee Matlin in the show’s finale and won a whopping $250,000 toward his favorite charity. John Rich’s favorite charity that the proceeds went to was Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. reports Donald trump in saying it was as hardest ruling yet in the entire history of “Celebrity Apprentice.”
    John Rich had a long and extensive career in the music industry and the country music scene. For six years John Rich was the bass guitarist for the country group Lonestar of would occasionally lend his vocal talents to the group in some tracks. The end of this run, marked by the band firing him, would lead him to go on to become a solo artist. In 2003, he would form a group called “Big amp; Rich” which was comprised of him and “Big” Kenny. Aside from creating his own albums and his own songs he also assisted other artists with their careers. by way of production, arranging, and co writing many songs. Artists such as Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, and Keith Anderson can all thank him for production and writing contributions.

    In 2008, John Rich would Mary his longtime girlfriend Joan bush on the sixth of December. Nearly two years later they would give birth to their first child names “Cash” after the Legendary Country Rock legend Johnny cash.

    John started his season on the “Celebrity Apprentice” show in 2011 on the 6th of March. After enduring of rocky start on the show, losing as product manager for his team of all men he would later on start to bounce back. Competition throughout the show week to week is broken down into tasks. Contestants, in concert with other team members, must complete each of their tasks. Each week new tasks were presented as teams failed contestants were booted off the show. Despite many contestants dropping from the show and being eliminated John Rich lasted of the test of time. He would appear in the season finale after already raising over $1.2 million for his charity.

    After winning Celebrity Apprentice John Rich and his first runner up competitor Marlee Matlin came together in interest of the children and sang a duet. Marlee Matlin everyone knows is deaf, and used sign language to lend her hand in the duet.


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